New Study Shows Smokers Need More Help Than Drugs To Quit The Habit

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The latest study carried out by the University of California San Diego’s School of Medicine has revealed that, even though clinical trials showed promising results, medications offered to smokers to help them quit smoking aren’t enough on their own to help them to give up the habit completely. The author of the study, John P. Pierce, PhD, pointed out that, although 34% of people who try to give up tobacco use pharmaceuticals, the majority have no long-term success, and although randomized trials which showed that interventional drugs had the potential to double cessation rates, this did not hold true during real world studies on human participants.

Behavioural Counselling A Key Element To Success

The university’s study, which was published in December in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, analysed the effectiveness of three different prescribed medications designed to help with smoking cessation – the nicotine replacement therapy patch, varenicline and bupropion. The data for the research was collected from a US Census survey carried out among adults looking into behaviour relating to tobacco use, and its findings revealed that these pharmaceutical treatments only proved to be effective if they were used in conjunction with intensive behavioural counselling. Conversely, another study has recently been carried out into smoking cessation which showed much more promising results. Published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, it looked at government data from 2013-2014 relating to smoking cessation, and this research proved that e-cigs were not only one of the most popular tools used to quit the habit by smokers in the USA, but they were also, ultimately, the most successful option.

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E-Cigarettes The Best Stop Smoking Aid

Asking both former and current smokers about which cessation aids they had tried to give up the habit and which, in the case of former smokers, had led to their ability to finally successfully quit, the PATH survey determined that from eight different options the most successful was undoubtedly e-cigs. The eight different choices included:

  • No support at all
  • Family and friends’ support
  • Counselling, classes, videos, pamphlets or books
  • E-cigarettes
  • Other combustible tobacco options e.g. hookah, pipe tobacco or cigars
  • Smokeless tobacco e.g. snuff, chew or dip
  • Pharmaceutical nicotine replacements e.g. patches, gums, pills, inhalers or lozenges
  • Prescription drugs e.g. bupropion, Zyban, Wellbutrin, Chantix or varenicline

The results of the questionnaire showed that e-cig usage was the only option that showed a greater chance of the user being a former smoker.

For current smokers who are searching for the best way to quit, this is valuable information. By simply choosing the right vaping device, it’s possible to finally give up tobacco for good, improving health and well-being exponentially. Even if you are a newcomer to vaping, finding the most popular ecig brands is easier than ever thanks to with its comprehensive guidance to choosing the perfect e-cigarette to suit every need and to make quitting smoking much easier.

When It Comes To Pen Mods, The Selections Are Confusing!

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When talking about electronic cigarette mods, the category loosely defined. And with manufacturers creating their own acronyms and terms, it makes it confusing, as if the vaping terminology wasn’t already. So, let’s try to define and explain what mod it is exactly and how fits into the world of vaping.

A broad definition of mod would be any device for vaping that is not an electronic cigarette or electronic cigarette like.

We rationale our definition on the fact that since the original design of the electronic cigarette, every device after that has been modified. Now, by defining mods as we have here, the starter vape pens are included as pen mods.

The eGo Pen

The eGo pen is the most basic upgrade of a cigarette-like and is usually the step an ex-smoker will take when they quit using electronic cigs. There are ex-smokers that will skip the electronic cigarette phase and go right to eGo pens because the throat hit is more satisfying.

eGo Pens have several pros in their favor. They are easy to use and durable. They are inexpensive and portable. They also have their cons, such as the tanks are smaller, they don’t work with liquids that have a high VG content, the batter life is limited, and they are not versatile.

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The Intermediate Pen Mod

Intermediate pens are considered by most as vape pen mods. The power of vape pens are what characterize them as well as their versatility. In the opinion of most vapers, a true pen mod is one that can power up a wide choice of tanks, even if a kit includes the specifically designed tank.

The pros of the Intermediate Pen Mod are many, starting with the great vapor it produces and it is more powerful and versatile, such as it can be used with any e-liquid. The battery life is good, it often comes with variable voltage, and is consistently easy to use. The cons are few with the one being that it is larger than eGo devices and the features are few. The pricing is mid-range, making it affordable.

The Performance, Price, and Size Of Vape Pens

There are various sizes of vape pen mods and as they become more advanced, the more variations there will be. Ego pens are pretty much standard in sizing, there are few customizations and features. Intermediate pens are the same size of the eGo pen, but may be taller and thicker.

The intermediate pen devices perform above the eGo device with a better nicotine delivery and better quality of vapor. They are consistent and have better flavor, all of which is important to the person that is trying to kick the cigarette habit.

The prices of these devices range as widely as the styles of devices do, starting from $30.00 and upward to $70 or higher, depending on what part of the country you’re in. It is recommended that before paying the higher end pricing, the box mod may be the best choice to make.


What Are The Ingredients In E-Juice?

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If you’re new to vaping, you are most likely questioning the parts and pieces that create the vaping experience, as you should! And when it comes to the stuff referred to as e-juice, you may get conflicting information.

The experienced vaper may tell you that it is simply “water” and that would be incorrect.  The anti-vaper, i.e. the tobacco industry, will tell you that nobody knows what e-juice is exactly, and that too would be incorrect.

So, while you now know that it is more than just water, we’re going to educate you on the mystery of e-juice, such as how it is made or what is in it. For future reference, you’ll find the ingredients listed on every bottle’s label from reputable, responsible, trustworthy e-juice makers.

VG: Vegetable Glycerine

The modern atomizer takes a liquid that designed with as much as 80% VG (vegetable glycerine). Glycerine is processed from several kinds of fat and is a natural substance. The glycerine that e-liquid is made from comes from vegetable oils. Even though it is processed from oils, it is not an oil itself, but it is an alcohol that is safe for inhaling. VG is a colorless, non-toxic liquid with no odor and tastes sweet.

It is a thick and sticky substance that cannot be used in older atomizers or small clearomisers. A high level of VG will produce a dense vapour, but a mild throat hit.

There are many products consumed by us that contain VG, such as sweeteners and other foods for moisture. VG is also used in some medications. To date, results of studies have not found any link to health issues.

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PG: Propylene glycol

What isn’t VG in your e-liquid is most likely PG, with some e-liquids containing more PG over VG, making it less sticky, which makes them work well in older atomizers and clearomisers. PG is also alcohol, almost odorless, and a dim sweet taste. You won’t find this in foods, medicines, or anything else.

PG is found in antifreeze which is why a common misconception that e-juice is made from antifreeze. The PG anti-freeze level in e-juice isn’t harmful to animals or children.

PG has been linked to a few minor health issues since studies began the 1940s. It is generally safe to inhale or swallow. There are some people that are sensitive to and may feel ill if they vape a it, though, so if liquid with a high PG content makes you feel unwell, switch to one with more VG.

PG doesn’t produce as much visible vapor as VG, perfect for those that want to be discreet vape while cloud chasers aren’t fond of it. PG comes in better flavors and has a stronger throat hit.

nicotineThe Nicotine Level

Most e-liquids contain nicotine which makes it perfect for substitution for smoking because it satisfies the nicotine craving smokers have. It is the nicotine that makes for the throat hit as well.

Nicotine gets bad publicity when in fact it is a safe drug. The harmful part of traditional cigarettes is the smoke not nicotine. Nicotine is only toxic when consumed in high doses, but you can’t be poisoned by it while vaping.

You can find more info on the ingredients of e-liquids here:

Vapers: What You Can Do and What You Shouldn’t Do

dos and donts

While vaping isn’t as obnoxious as smoking traditional cigarettes, there are some do’s and some don’ts that need to be adhered to by vapers. Some of which is apparently obvious and some, you may not have realized was an issue to start with. In an effort to help those who vape not offend those who don’t, we offer a guide-line of sorts for you. Of course, your common sense should prevail over all else.

The Do’s Of Vaping

One: Just like anything else, experimenting is necessary! Electronic cigarettes and vaping isn’t a one-way road. It is an interchange with several options that can take you in several directions. And with so many vapers today, the multitude of products is very successful because no two vapers are alike. Yes, variety is the spice, or in this case, the flavor, of life. So, go ahead and try different types of electronic cigarettes, try the different flavors. Try customizing your own personal blend even!

Two: Anywhere you normally would have smoked a traditional cigarette, power up your electronic cigarette. Do you normally step outside at work when you’re having a stressful day and smoke a cigarette? Well, now you won’t have to step out in the cold or heat or rain to do that.

You can fire up your electronic cigarette and stay comfy inside – unless you really need to get away for second! If you enjoy a smoke with your morning coffee and internet surfing, fire up the electronic cigarette. If you enjoy an after-dinner smoke, replace that traditional cigarette with your electronic cigarette.

Three: No need to worry about smelling up the vehicle with cigarette smoke now – you’ve got your electronic cigarette and it won’t expose second-hand smoke to the other passengers. It is polite to check with the others if they have any objection to the vapor. After all, it tastes great to you, but they may not appreciate the aroma.

Four: Handle your vaporizer with care and take care of it as the manufacture instructs. It will have a longer life and you’ll get more enjoyment from it.

Five: Let other know how much you are enjoying your electronic cigarette, let them know about the way it has changed your life for the positive side, such as the health benefits versus the traditional cigarettes. Talk it up to those who are still smoking traditional cigarettes and encourage them to give the electronic cigarettes a try.

The Don’ts Of Vaping

One: Never mix any products from different manufacturers. These are electronic devices and they weren’t manufactured with the intentions of working together to start with. Plus, the results may not be as good as you’re hoping for.

Two: Always follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Three: Don’t use just any battery on the market. The manufacturer recommends specific batteries for a reason and it isn’t worth trying to save a little money by using other random batteries.

Four: Don’t be obnoxious! If you aren’t sure how others around you are about vaping, don’t. Your courtesy will do a lot for this trend and fellow vapers.

Five: Never toss your electronic cigarette out the car window. You should never do that with a traditional cigarette either, but being electronic cigarette doesn’t make it less littering.

Six: Never assume it is okay to vape in public places. If the is signage that states No Smoking, clarify if that includes vaping.

Is the electronic cigarette dangerous for the lungs?

All studies available on the electronic cigarette admit one thing: the steam generated by an electronic cigarette is much less harmful to the body than tobacco smoke. In the details of this “risk reduction”, however, many studies can contradict each other.

The complexity of scientific debates

The contradictions that have become almost classic in the current scientific field focus on a small group of compounds deemed harmful by the body. Most of the time, it will be debated about the possible concentrations of formaldehyde in e-cigarette vapor, acrolein or more generally on the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC). These discussions that sometimes make the headlinestend to make the smoker forget something essential. Tobacco smoke from combustion has thousands of compounds harmful to the body. Nitrosamines, tars, fine particles or carbon monoxide (CO) will be used to briefly describe the constituents of a deadly cocktail for the body that do not exist in the vapor of an electronic cigarette.

If debates exist on the presence or the concentration of certain compounds, it is on the one hand a very limited number of elements. On the other hand, the experimental protocols used in the studies do not follow a predefined standard. Depending on the type of material and the use that can be made of it, certain concentrations can indeed increase, this will be the case for example formaldehyde in case of poor hydration of the wick in e-liquid (dry hit). Thus, in the absence of standardized references, each experimenter will be able to follow a different protocol and thus produce results that can strongly contrast with other studies. This makes the debates rather complicated. Finally,very far from reality .

Nicotine itself, even if a certain current of public health thought demonizes it still today, tends to be forgotten in this assessment of absolute risk. Nicotine will, however, be much more easily evoked in global public health issues, such as the gateway effect or addiction .

With regard to propylene glycol , one of the main compounds of e-liquids, scientific knowledge is quite advanced. As far  as aromas are concerned , this is yet another current of research that has just been created.

The e-cigarette – a good alternative?

The electronic cigarette, or “e-cigarette”, provides almost the same sensations as the so-called “classic” cigarette. Its effectiveness and safety on health remain, however, to prove … Can we really consider it as a healthier alternative, or a “smoking cessation aid”?

Now widely used, the e-cigarette has more than 400 different brands, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). The same goes for e-liquids (present in the electronic cigarette) which may contain toxic substances as well as a greater or lesser concentration of nicotine . Indeed, there is currently no standardization for the electronic cigarette.

The big difference with conventional cigarettes is that the electronic cigarette does not create combustion but steam , hence the use of the term “vapers” to define its users. This distinction is essential because the combustion of tobacco produces toxic substances (including carbon monoxide and carcinogens). In addition, the electronic cigarette contains no tobacco, paper, or the 2500 chemical compounds needed to produce the conventional cigarette. However, nicotine , this harmful component with strong addictive power, may be present in e-liquids .

What impact on health?

Beyond the craze generated by the electronic cigarette, it is essential to know its effect on health . On this subject, the available data are missing and opinions are opposed:

  • On the one hand, proponents of the electronic cigarette argue that a “smoke-free” cigarette is much less harmful than a conventional cigarette (because it is primarily the substances in the smoke that cause deadly diseases). Some even present the electronic cigarette as a cigarette “replacement” (much more pleasant than patches, erasers …), effective in helping smoking cessation.
  • On the other hand, the opponents point out that the safety of inhaling the substances contained in the vapor of electronic cigarettes has not yet been demonstrated. The effects of these repeated inhalations in the long term could therefore be potentially dangerous for health! This is the discourse that WHO globally holds.

A risk for young people?

The electronic cigarette particularly seduces young people . A survey conducted by the Foundation against Cancer reveals that in Belgium, it is young people aged 15 to 24 who are the most curious when it comes to testing the electronic cigarette …

In addition, the presence of artificial flavors in e-liquids (vanilla, caramel, hazelnut …) makes it even more attractive … There is therefore a risk that the use of the electronic cigarette (with nicotine) quickly leads to dependency , or even potentially a switch to conventional cigarettes .

Conclusion: “Vape” is not without danger

Currently, no quality scientific studies have been published regarding the safety of the substances that make up the electronic cigarette or its long-term impact on health.

At the level of e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes, there is little control over labeling . Their compositions vary from one manufacturer to another. It is therefore important to learn about the source of the e-liquid and substances used to be sure of what you inhale.

Finally, contrary to the idea conveyed, the Cancer Fund stresses that ” Reducing its cigarette consumption does not reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and only slightly reduces the risk of cancer “. The best way to limit health effects is to stop smoking.

It is therefore possible that “vaping” is less dangerous than “smoking”, but this less risk remains to be confirmed … Meanwhile, the Higher Council of Health (CSS) in Belgium urges caution !