Vapers: What You Can Do and What You Shouldn’t Do

While vaping isn’t as obnoxious as smoking traditional cigarettes, there are some do’s and some don’ts that need to be adhered to by vapers. Some of which is apparently obvious and some, you may not have realized was an issue to start with. In an effort to help those who vape not offend those who don’t, we offer a guide-line of sorts for you. Of course, your common sense should prevail over all else.

The Do’s Of Vaping

One: Just like anything else, experimenting is necessary! Electronic cigarettes and vaping isn’t a one-way road. It is an interchange with several options that can take you in several directions. And with so many vapers today, the multitude of products is very successful because no two vapers are alike. Yes, variety is the spice, or in this case, the flavor, of life. So, go ahead and try different types of electronic cigarettes, try the different flavors. Try customizing your own personal blend even!

Two: Anywhere you normally would have smoked a traditional cigarette, power up your electronic cigarette. Do you normally step outside at work when you’re having a stressful day and smoke a cigarette? Well, now you won’t have to step out in the cold or heat or rain to do that.

You can fire up your electronic cigarette and stay comfy inside – unless you really need to get away for second! If you enjoy a smoke with your morning coffee and internet surfing, fire up the electronic cigarette. If you enjoy an after-dinner smoke, replace that traditional cigarette with your electronic cigarette.

Three: No need to worry about smelling up the vehicle with cigarette smoke now – you’ve got your electronic cigarette and it won’t expose second-hand smoke to the other passengers. It is polite to check with the others if they have any objection to the vapor. After all, it tastes great to you, but they may not appreciate the aroma.

Four: Handle your vaporizer with care and take care of it as the manufacture instructs. It will have a longer life and you’ll get more enjoyment from it.

Five: Let other know how much you are enjoying your electronic cigarette, let them know about the way it has changed your life for the positive side, such as the health benefits versus the traditional cigarettes. Talk it up to those who are still smoking traditional cigarettes and encourage them to give the electronic cigarettes a try.

The Don’ts Of Vaping

One: Never mix any products from different manufacturers. These are electronic devices and they weren’t manufactured with the intentions of working together to start with. Plus, the results may not be as good as you’re hoping for.

Two: Always follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Three: Don’t use just any battery on the market. The manufacturer recommends specific batteries for a reason and it isn’t worth trying to save a little money by using other random batteries.

Four: Don’t be obnoxious! If you aren’t sure how others around you are about vaping, don’t. Your courtesy will do a lot for this trend and fellow vapers.

Five: Never toss your electronic cigarette out the car window. You should never do that with a traditional cigarette either, but being electronic cigarette doesn’t make it less littering.

Six: Never assume it is okay to vape in public places. If the is signage that states No Smoking, clarify if that includes vaping.