When It Comes To Pen Mods, The Selections Are Confusing!

When talking about electronic cigarette mods, the category loosely defined. And with manufacturers creating their own acronyms and terms, it makes it confusing, as if the vaping terminology wasn’t already. So, let’s try to define and explain what mod it is exactly and how fits into the world of vaping.

A broad definition of mod would be any device for vaping that is not an electronic cigarette or electronic cigarette like.

We rationale our definition on the fact that since the original design of the electronic cigarette, every device after that has been modified. Now, by defining mods as we have here, the starter vape pens are included as pen mods.

The eGo Pen

The eGo pen is the most basic upgrade of a cigarette-like and is usually the step an ex-smoker will take when they quit using electronic cigs. There are ex-smokers that will skip the electronic cigarette phase and go right to eGo pens because the throat hit is more satisfying.

eGo Pens have several pros in their favor. They are easy to use and durable. They are inexpensive and portable. They also have their cons, such as the tanks are smaller, they don’t work with liquids that have a high VG content, the batter life is limited, and they are not versatile.

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The Intermediate Pen Mod

Intermediate pens are considered by most as vape pen mods. The power of vape pens are what characterize them as well as their versatility. In the opinion of most vapers, a true pen mod is one that can power up a wide choice of tanks, even if a kit includes the specifically designed tank.

The pros of the Intermediate Pen Mod are many, starting with the great vapor it produces and it is more powerful and versatile, such as it can be used with any e-liquid. The battery life is good, it often comes with variable voltage, and is consistently easy to use. The cons are few with the one being that it is larger than eGo devices and the features are few. The pricing is mid-range, making it affordable.

The Performance, Price, and Size Of Vape Pens

There are various sizes of vape pen mods and as they become more advanced, the more variations there will be. Ego pens are pretty much standard in sizing, there are few customizations and features. Intermediate pens are the same size of the eGo pen, but may be taller and thicker.

The intermediate pen devices perform above the eGo device with a better nicotine delivery and better quality of vapor. They are consistent and have better flavor, all of which is important to the person that is trying to kick the cigarette habit.

The prices of these devices range as widely as the styles of devices do, starting from $30.00 and upward to $70 or higher, depending on what part of the country you’re in. It is recommended that before paying the higher end pricing, the box mod may be the best choice to make.